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About us

We are three young enthusiasts who care about people being in the best shape and stay healthy. We created FitScribe, as we faced the problem that people hardly find a personal trainer or a fitness club that perfectly fits them. Moreover, when we stuck at home due to different reasons, there no solution to continue doing sports or, for personal trainers and health professionals, to continue doing their job online easily. That is why we created FitScribe – to help fitness trainers, massageurs, nutritionists and private doctors to continue working no matter where they are.

Our services


We care about the quality, so in our ecosystem you will meet only experienced personal trainers with impressive achievements


We care about your safety, so you do not need to carry any cash with you! All the payments to personal trainer goes through our system.


Our app is free for exercises from the app, but you can add extra features in premium versions


We understand you want to be fit whenever you are, so do we! That's why we will gradually cover every country you could possibly want to go.

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Our main goal is to help you find your fitness, nothing will disturb you. Easy and simple usability with clear meanings is all we imagine

Data protection

We make sure all data is safe and protected. You can relate!