illustration of the team

Who we are

FitScribe is a service, aimed to help people in training experience. FitScribe suits everyone who would love to train, explore fitness or train someone else. Yes, We will have Team of Trainers as well!
As a first source of interaction, we decided to go with Facebook Messenger. You will be able to receive an exercise list, add or change exercises, receive help from professional trainers and get notifications on nearest training session.

What we have achieved so far

  • As our first achievement in FitScribe we consider creating FitScribe bot. We managed to achieve CTR of 91%. Check out our bot! Click here!
  • Next, what we are working on right now, is FitScribe web app. one step closer to our goal, as this app will be the base, where you will be able to do the most important thing – receive personally created workouts by professional trainers. 
  • In addition, we plan to connect all the professionals that correlates with fitness: from nutritionists, to private doctors, so that every user will have everything related their health in one place.

Our main goal is to help personal trainers, nutritionists and every professional in fitness create their own programs, track progress of their clients, receive payments and exchange information all in one place.

We care not only about users and their comfort, but also about professionals that provide services in fitness.

Why are we different